Criminal activity, but with an expectation of impunity

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Policia Nacional photo, a wannabe social media star under arrest in San Miguelito.

Perhaps the videographer accomplice will be arrested.
The reverends and politicians who incite it won’t be.

commentary by Eric Jackson on social media content

Yeah, the guy got caught, and facing jail time made groveling apologies. But his was a series of hate crimes of a sort incited every Sunday from certain church pulpits, by mayors, representantes and legislators. This 19-year-old perv will perhaps get some time to think about what he does, but then to some people in high places — including some women — and to himself he’s a big hero.

One of the results of the CitizenGo international hate campaigns and the activities of their local affiliates. One of the results of the preaching by Panamanian fundamentalist reverends who flaunt their admiration of Donald Trump. One of the results of the hate mongering that’s the daily fare in the National Assembly, and in Colon’s city hall.

Perhaps the little sickie will find a sympathetic judge, or his supporters will be able to bribe a corrupt judge to let him walk. There is a much greater chance of impunity in this case, than of the voters passing any constitutional ballot proposal with the fingerprints of a legislature in which this sort of thing is incited on it.


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