UN: Panama Ahead in Coronavirus Response

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Panama is one step ahead in the response to the coronavirus, says the United Nations.

“Panama responded quickly to the COVID19 epidemic, has allocated economic resources, has managed to sequence the virus genome to quickly diagnose cases that appear in the country, has strengthened its health system and has taken measures to isolate citizens. The heads of the UN agencies in the country believe that there are lessons that can be exported to other countries in Latin America,” the organization says in a recent UN News article.

Contributing factors include implementing early diagnostic tests throughout the country, ensuring that the hospitals do not collapse, appointing a coordinador of intensive care teams, buying additional medical equipment like respirators, designing modular hospitals and having a large number of scientists in the country.

Social distancing measures also went into effect quickly like work-from-home, school cancelations, curfews and the “stay at home” campaign with the implementation of progressively stricter measures like border closings.

Identified cases jumped from 137 to 200 on Friday, but there has only been one associated death reported to date.

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